Black YouTube: Lets get information!

As I’ve mentioned before, Black lifestyle and beauty vlogs on YouTube have been my latest obsession. There are anywhere from 3 to 6 YouTubers I follow and look forward to watching on a weekly basis and I’ve started to realize that for me, it’s not just about make-up and lifestyle. I mean obviously, yes, it’s definitely what gets me watching in the first place. But the other part of it is a sense of community with Black women who are, yes, as enthusiastic about the art of make-up as I am but also a way to feel joined with Black women all over the world who share varying ideas, not only about their favorite beauty products and self-care rituals and routines, but also about their lives their opinions on currents issues, their families, their relationships, their goals and more.

I love it when children run into the frame and interrupt the format of a beauty vlog and mommy just incorporates it and makes it work. I love the heartfelt husband and boyfriend tags. I love the beautiful and countless range of skin tones we have and how relentless some of us are in seeking out products that work for our skin tone and supporting Black business that work towards serving our needs.

Black Youtube constantly reaffirms for me, that I need never step outside of my own community for diversity because we are soooooo diverse. I follow women from the continent, from Canada, from the UK, Ireland and Holland! We’re everywhere and always have been.

Whenever I’m editing footage for our own Soul Sistah Series youtube channel, I’m always as engaged as I was participating in the conversation. I laugh, I dance, I lean in. I feel privileged to be able to create content with someone who emphasizes this form of social media as one of many formats that are integral to our unity, community and self empowerment.

Spirit of Intimacy (2)

Click below and join as we discuss the ways in which “The Spirit of Intimacy” came into our lives, how minding your business is UnAfrican (LOL!) and how it has positively influenced the ways in which we function in our relationships.

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Yours truly,

Urban Eve


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