Urban Eve

Bio: I'm a Black woman in a white washed world which is shifting gradually and beautifully into consciousness. I have an overdeveloped sense of play, a love of nature, art, photography fashion, literature, irreverence, irony. I am a late bloomer, a girly woman, a sado-sensualist, a pleasure cooker, a shedonist, a huge film fanatic, lover of DIY craft and the endless gifts of nature. I love that I was born a Black Woman because there are no limit to the potential I will unfold and manifest through my re-connection to my rich, broad, magical, spiritual history and ancestry, through research, community, nature, prayer, imagination and creativity. I like being still, moving swiftly and creating instinctively.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. You did nothing wrong posting the image of Javan. Either the Museum or someone acting on behalf of the Museum violated a contract with the image’s owner and made the image available to a French magazine, from whose site you copied it (the magazine has taken it down). Could you please remove it? A lower res version of it can be made available to you and you can be compensated for taking it down. You may reply to the email address listed or contact Ms. Watkins at the Museum to discuss this. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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