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Use One Word to Describe Black Women

My word is: multidimensional

Just when I think I understand everything it means to be a black woman in America, I discover yet another layer and another and another, another story, another perspective, another way of seeing and being and expressing ourselves in an infinitely evolving dialogue. During the time I spent conducting interviews with women of color in collaboration with SoulSistah4real to launch this special project, I discovered that there really is no one black woman who can represent all. While we all have experiences and perspectives that are similar, there is nothing like a good old face to face chat with our sisters to begin to immediately recognize the rich, broad and various complexities that make each of us so incredibly unique, beautiful, intelligent and inspirational.

It is with great honor, excitement and joy that I extend this invitation to you my sisters, to be a part of the first in a series of bi-monthly conversations created for and by woman of color, brought to you by Urban Eve and

The SOUL Sistah Series

The very first in our exciting series of discussions is “Manicures and Mimosas.” The goal of this series is to create a safe, nurturing and supportive space in which women of color are free to engage in stimulating and enlightening discussion about what it means to be a woman of color in America all while getting pampered and fed the way we deserve to be. Don’t miss your opportunity to join in the conversation. Click here or on the link in the title above for more information on the SOUL Sistah Series and to register for tickets to our first event on Sunday, March 29th.