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Astro Eve: My Zodiac Fix

Aries- Excite me

Taurus-Grounds me

Gemini-Plays with me

Cancer-Nurtures me

Leo-Is loyal to me

Virgo-Challenges informs and inspires me

Libra-Balances me

Scorpio-Inspires me by fearlessly doing their own thing

Sagittarius-Goes on adventures with me

Capricorn-Baffles me

Aquarius-Understands me

Pisces-Move me deeply

I check my horoscope every week if not every day and the routine is usually something like this.

Elle horocsopes Daily, because the Astro Twins go in. Ocassionally I will also read their weekly and or monthly if I want a forecast. I check Rob Brezny’s  Free Will Astrology because his weekly horoscopes are always like a wacky riddle from another time or planet. This appeals to my general wierd nature. Sam Reynolds is soulsistah4real’s personal astrologer and he writes a great detailed astrplogical forecast for New York Magazines “The Cut.” And then there’s Kelly Rosano, also reccomended to me by soulsistah4real when I want a long, intense dose of astroforcasting for the month. Kelly is so high energy and offbeat and a little wacky as well but I love how dedicated and in depth she is.

All in all these are my horoscope go-tos on the regular. I’m a Gemini sun/Gemini rising which means I’m at least four different people in one so I need all the help I can get managing all these personalities. LOL!

It’s not easy being twins.