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Women by the Water

On Labor Day I walked down a few long blocks on the street where I live to the Boathouse near Inwood Hill Park. My husband took me there for the first time a few weeks ago and I just loved it. I knew this was going to be my new unplugging hangout. As soon as I arrive and walk down to the Boathouse dock I look out at the Hudson River and I just breath deeper. And the energy around everyone there, couples, loners, kids is just slower, calmer.

Women water gif.gif

I sat on one of the benches in front of the water with my eyes closed. I was there hoping to to catch another incredible sunset like the one I saw when I came with my husband. On the bench to the right of me was a couple with a little baby girl. Just yards in front of me on a bench closer to the rocky shore was a couple, a young girl with her head on her boyfriends shoulder. To my far left I could see a young boy who had climbed out onto the rocks and was skipping rocks on the water. I closed my eyes again and felt a soft breeze roll over me. There was a scent on the air that I couldn’t identify right away. Was it herb? No, Sage. Someone was burning sweet sage. When I opened my eyes I saw that a woman who had walked over from the left entrance was sitting on the rocks with her back to me. She had burned some sage and lifted it up high above her head and turned, facing East, West, North and South before sitting down again to meditate. The smell of sage burning in the open air smelled wonderful. I was thankful for it.

I watched the woman and thought about my how my mother used to send my brother and I to her friends home in Harlem to gather with other children our age to learn about Black history, to watch educational films and to sit in healing circles where we passed around a smudging stick made of Sage. My mom burned a lot of Frankincense and Myrrh while I was growing up and she also dressed her candles with scented oils and glitter. I can remember smelling them and gazing at the glitter floating around in the wax. I didn’t know what it all meant. It was all regular beauty to me. These practices were part of ancient ritual cleansings and prayers for peace, love, abundance and manifestation of personal dreams through visualization in meditation.

This is the third time I’ve seen a woman in a public park doing a ritual by the water, praying, singing, meditating. There’s something healing about the water that we recognize intrinsically as women. It has a power we feel deeply connected to. At least I do. I always have. I tried to imagine a time when I would ever come out to the water alone to bless the space around me and praise the elements before I prayed. I don’t know. I think I’d like to do it in a guided meditation with other women. Seeing these women inspired me to think more about organizing a circle like that in my new hangout space.

I hope that all of their prayers and wishes come to pass.



Goodbye Black Beauty Box

I saw the update in their IG feed yesterday. In my mind the thought “We can’t have nothin” popped up. I had paid up for the next six months. September will now be the last and all six month subscribers will be refunded the remainder of their payment.

siiiiiggh…..I can’t help wondering what really happened.


Stitch fix (which sucks in my opinion. I cancelled my shipments a month ago)

Gwynnie Bee

Still rolling along. But the one and only beauty box subscription I know of that catered to Black women and Black businesses is now discontinued, over and done.

“The landscape for monthly subscription boxes has changed…” was the only response repeatedly given by way of explanation to various sad and annoyed inquiries like mine.

What does that mean?

I’m not going to act like the Essence Beauty Box was always on point but for me it became one the best things about a magazine which, in my opinion has been struggling to keep up with the times both aesthetically and content wise. My monthly beauty box exposed me to some products which have now become staples in my life and beauty regimen, and I so looked forward to my little monthly treat of five or six hot beauty products formulated with my skin, hair, face and body in mind. It made me feel special. I squealed with joy every time my box came to my office in the mail. It just didn’t last long enough.

So I hope this last September box is amazing. I won’t spend too much time missing it. Instead I’ll start looking into how to create a subscription box that someone like me would love. Because I guess this is the part where you have to create what you feel is missing in the market right?





I use it in my Salad, I use it on my Face

Apple Cider Vinegar is the main ingredient in my nightly facial toner.

By now you must know that ACV has varying healing, cleansing and balancing properties for your skin. Until a few months ago I’d always heard but never known it for myself until I started using it myself. I saw the difference right away. Spots on my skin have started to fade, my skin feels tighter and smoother.


You know how long I keep a bottle of AVC in my kitchen?


Over a year.

It lasts forever. It’s strong stuff so a little goes a long way since it’s always advised to dilute when taking internally or applying to skin.

I will never buy toner or toner like products again.

Every night I wash my make-up off, cleanse with Witch Hazel and dab on a mixture of ACV, water and a few drops of tea tree oil. My skin creates it’s own oil so I don’t feel the need to moisturize before bed, only in th2011-10-16-make-apple-cider-vinegar-586x322-mg3g5is5kebou8u8myglputahnqssrszkq7u6ztspwe morning before I put on make-up. I look forward to this nightly ritual, of patting my face with cotton ball, knowing that the ACV is working it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal magic during the night.

Products that have a multitude of uses like ACV, coconut oil and Dr Bronners Soap are the shit to me. Like I’m really trying to focus on investing in  products that you can do at least two or more things with. If I’m buying make-up I love for it to be something I can use on my face, eyes and lips. Not only does it save money but it also appeals to the child in me that still loves to play with my food or taste what I put on my face or wash my hair with. LOL!