I Have Black Women in My Ears!

Instead of trying to transcribe to you my discoveries of last night I would like to direct you over to my Soundcloud podcast for Urban Eve so you can lend your ear over there. Let’s just say I have been wanting to do a podcast for almost a year now and I’ve been thinking about and writing down ideas for formats and listening and researching and after last night, I’m just doing it. I’m just doing it!  Urban Eve is just going to take you through the carefully selected live moments of my life and my day, my thoughts and my dreams, my interactions and my observations through Soundcloud.

I won’t stop writing here. I love to write and writing is a great way to interact, an important way to share and gain information but from now on I will be experimenting with Soundcloud accompaniment because I just need to and I also love to talk and I love what I get from the podcasts I listen to and being informed in this way as well. So check it out! It’s just the beginning.

See you on the sound side!

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