That Wrap Life

Back in the 90s when Brand Nubians, Neo Souls and the Zulu Nation were emerging, my BFF and I started rocking our newly started locs and mudcloth headwraps in high school and to date that is the last time I can remember wearing them. I do wear one to bed but that’s just to protect my locs from damage and dryness and to lock in conditioning treatments.

All my life I’ve seen many woman of color rock some fly ass head wraps both in cultural and casual contexts but I have never had the confidence to try it myself using the Ankara print fabrics. Plus I was never very imaginative with mudcloth. I basically just wrapped it around my head like a wide band that pulled my hair back. There was no real art to it.

I really love the way these tutorials from Wrap Life make make the process of head wrapping more accessible and less intimidating. As much as I love to be creative and make things by hand, I’ve never been able to figure out how African women are able to create these amazing shapes around the head with these large beautiful pieces of fabric, but these fun videos are inspiring me to give it a try.

2 thoughts on “That Wrap Life

  1. Girl, we’re in the same boat here. I’ve always wanted to wear a wrap but thought it wouldn’t look right on me or I don’t have the skill to do this right. But, I’m beginning to think it’s much like my fear of red lipstick…..You just gotta do it! Shoot now I’m wearing hot pink lipstick. (Shoulder Shrug)

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