Master Chef Jr. Makes my Ovaries Ache

My husband and I have been hooked on Master Chef Jr. since its first season last year. It’s one of the few shows we actually watch together and try to never miss. We also watch Master Chef and have viewed all 8 seasons of Cake Boss on Netflix streaming. Obviously we love food but we also love the technique, creativity and science that go into making delicious dishes. But on Master Chef Jr., it’s something extra.

It’s the kids.

They are so full of excitement and ideas and kindness and support for one another, that it just makes my heart melt. They have such discipline, sophistication, manners, confidence and candor, that it fills me with hope. They’ve only aired the first episode and already there’s so much to talk to consider.

Does Oona age 9, wrinkle her nose under pressure because it’s a nervous tick or is it strategic because she’s so gosh darn adorable?

During a pressure cooker challenge, Abby age 8, attempted to lift an appliance that was almost as big as she was. One of the other kids helped her get it to her table. Already, I’m tearing up.

When they ran around the pantry collecting ingredients for the challenge, Sean age 12, could barely carry his basket. Chef Ramsay helped him out there. They should probably get them shopping carts.

When Isabella age 12, started crying because her dish was found to be undercooked and poorly executed, all the kids and I mean all of them rallied around her with words of support and kindness. Even Ramsay was teary eyed.  Oh my God. My heart.

Even grumpy ass Bastianich appears to be a nicer person when he’s judging MCJ. The kids repeatedly disarm him and he actually breaks out in these big uncontrollably genuine smiles. All the ice just melts. All of the judges are continuously blown away at the sophistication, authenticity, innovation, expertise, and killer plating styles of these gifted children and you can see it on their faces.

Occasionally the camera will pan around the room while the judges are explaining something and you’ll see them with their little heads peeping over their counters or with their chins resting on their hands all eager and beaming with anticipation. They complement each other all the time and they own up to their mistakes as well as their strengths.

“I think I have a pretty awesome palette.”

“My dish was too spicy”

“Her dish looks really good”


I need to pop out a Master Chef. LOL!!

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