Have a Heart


I’m not sure when it started but I’ve been a Valentine’s Day junkie since I was a girl. Even when I’ve been single I’ve found a way to enjoy Valentine’s Day. I just love hearts and love and tokens of love. Even on my tight budget, I couldn’t resist buying a set of Punch Studio Valentine’s Day cards at Barnes & Noble yesterday during lunch. I was at the post office buying heart stamps this morning (I’m also a stamp and stationary junkie) and the guy who was serving me asked if he was going to get a Valentine from me. Heehee!! I smiled coyly and listened to him talk about how seeing all the chocolates and hearts being mailed back and forth were making him a little jealous. I thanked him and made a note in my head. Maybe I should drop a box of chocolates off to him this week. LOL!! Well I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong idea but if I could get everyone a Valentine’s Day something each year I would. I never thought of Valentine’s Day as a day only for people with lovers but a day for people who are lovers. Lovers of love, giving and receiving love, should of course celebrate love every day, but on Valentine’s Day especially because there so many people who feel left out on that day when everyone paired up is off making special plans.

I just remembered! When I was a girl, my mom used to have my brother and I do lots of seasonal and holiday crafts. And I have a great memory of making a Big Valentine’s Day heart out of construction paper, with lace, glitter an arrow and everything on it. I think it was for my dad. I loved that heart. I loved all the work that went into it and how it turned out. In my mind it was perfect. I think that may have been when my V-day obsession started. I’m pretty sure I have a box of Origami paper somewhere that I used to make Origami hearts for co-workers last year. Hmm…I’ll need to find those. Yeah, I’m a regular Valentine’s Day Elf around this time. I like it even more than Christmas, to be honest. There’s so much you can do to show your love and appreciation without spending a dime. It’s the giving that matters. Make your feelings known! Love is so pretty! Single or not, why not show it off?

lucinda nicholas lipstick mark

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