These are The Days of My Life

Denim - Shorts - Illustration_tcm64-16657

I’m thinking of writing a short story or series of short stories. I’ve been finishing up Chimamanda Adichie’s collection of short stories from “That thing Around Your Neck” which I don’t need to tell you that is freaking fantabulous. I’ve always been fascinated by successful short form writing. Haruki Murakami and Richard Brautigan are two other writers whose short works I have loved over the years.

This morning I woke up early and not as annoyed and reluctant as usual and made a list of all the things that have impacted me in the last few weeks because it has been unusually intense and highly active in one way or the other. The list came really easy to me and sounds almost like a series of episodes in a wacky television drama or collection of short stories. And I think I’m going to write them. Ya know? Like my first excercise in short form creative writing.

I imagine the format of it being like the Black female version of Brautigan’s “In Watermelon Sugar” except not in an symbolically alternative psychological universe. LOL!

Tax return meltdown
Kamaria circle grad (Spring Equinox)
Haitian funeral
Mama Drama
Cheers and inner Jeers
Patrick is pregnant
The magic recliner
Carrie gets harassed at work
“Why do we say nothing?”
Slavery and Black love
A dope cat and a dope baby
Black female friendships
My Fairy Godmother

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