Amaze Vagina

Doesn’t have the same ring as Amaze Balls does it? I wonder why.

Over the weekend, Soulsistah4real and I had this really fun and inquisitive conversation about things like why the word Vagina is so unpalatable, how we as a society are so much more comfortable talking about penises and things of a phallic nature without always clutching our pearls in shame and horror. Clutching your pearls is such a gendered performance of female shame and shock. Is there a male equivalent to that? I don’t think so. I know for a fact that when any talk of vaginas come up anywhere, men are the ones who lean in while women for the most part tend to look the other way, lower our voices, whisper or avoid the subject altogether.

At Soul Sistah Series we’re not about avoiding our vaginas. We’re about embracing them in our pursuit of pleasure. At our next event, “Your Yoni & You” we invite women of the Diaspora to come and embrace their vaginas as well at a luxurious Midtown Manhattan spa where women purchasing a VIP ticket will have the opportunity to experience a “Yoni Steam” which is a modern day version of an ancient practice used to condition and maintain the health of our internal reproductive organs.

Women purchasing a VIP ticket will also receive a Yoni egg. What’s a Yoni egg? Find out by watching the video below where you can also watch Khalilah (aka soulsistah4real) and I have a hilarious chat about vaginas and the anticipation of yoni steaming.

Purchase your tickets here at:

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