Jet Settling

Last Saturday at the 92nd and 1st Ave ASPCA, my husband and I adopted a two month old Black domestic short hair kitten. We named him Jet, as in Jet Black although his fur is lighter near his ears.

Oooohhh, how do I feel about this kitten?

I am a cat person. I may well be a cat. So I’ve always loved cats. In the survey we filled out that we wanted a cat that didn’t talk too much (no loud mewing) was somewhat independent but liked to be held and was good with kids as we’re planning on a family. There are cats which are old enough that pet adoptions centers can categorize them based on personality. A “sidekick”or “personal assistant” would have been closest to our speed. But I wanted a kitten, someone whose quirks weren’t too set in to change. Jet is only two months old. So we have no idea what his personality will be like. We will be apart of trying to shape his development and hopefully he will fall in line with our rhythm and routine.

All I know is that when I picked him up and put him on my left shoulder and heard his loud little purring motor on my heart, something in me just…I don’t know. I didn’t want to leave without him. He’s pretty energetic, curious, loves to play and hang out.  My heart does things just thinking about the feeling. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I like to watch him make his way around our apartment and discover things, sniff things, swat things. And so far he’s been great with everyone who’s come over, my mom, my brother, my dad. He likes new people. I’m not really into his mewing especially when I don’t know what it’s for. I usually look at him and ask “Why are you shouting?”to which he replies “MEOW!”


My husband is in love. He loves animals and has wanted a pet forever. Yesterday afternoon after I came home from visiting the Brooklyn Museum with my mom he told me he was realizing what a workout Jet is. My family had a cat when I was a girl but that was so long ago and this time is different. My parents took care of that cat. I have never taken care of a mammal in my life. There is so much about cats just being cats that total break down my walls but I know with Jet, it’s not just that he’s a cat. We’re still learning about him. He’s still learning his way around us, testing his boundaries and such.

I guess the thing about welcoming another mammal into your life, is figuring out how much you are willing to shift and change yourself around it. I mean I get that it’s a cat and not a human life, but animals are very special beings that have a huge impact on human lives when they are allowed to. Man…it really makes me realize how set in my own ways I am and also what I’m willing to give up to make sure Jet settles in and feels comfortable while also understanding what our boundaries are, what is allowed and what not. Its new. It’s so new.

I am excited about going home lately though. Or am I anxious? I don’t know. I want to know what he’s up to. I want to play with him. I want to see how he’s settling in.

I guess I’m attached.

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