Whose Paradise?

The creator keeps coming back as a child because it has the mind of a child. The creator is still learning.

-Dr. Phil Valentine

Ever hear of the idea that the creator is experiencing itself through us infinitely or that it was of absolute necessity that humanity and it’s “world” be created in order that the creator should know itself? Because you cannot know yourself if you alone exist. You would not know you existed if there was nothing and no one outside yourself with which to recognize or mirror opposition. Maybe this is something like what we experience in the womb. We are surrounded by darkness, yet we do not know what darkness is because we have never seen light. What is that world of not knowing opposition or duality or consciousness? What is that state?

It’s where we come from. It’s where we return to. And in the middle, the experiencer learns and learns and learns and learns again until it knows.

How much learning do we have to do before we know?

I’ve asked myself that question a lot lately.

How much learning do I have do before I know?

Dr. Phil Valentine talks about the Garden of Eden as a death state. Yeah, a state of death.

Look, my mind was blown too! I’ve never heard the Garden of Eden referred to in this way. Every representation of Eden that we are exposed to is one of paradise and a state of total bliss. I named this blog Urban Eve after watching a documentary about the first human, an African woman, from whom all humanity sprung. I see her as The Real Eve, not the Eve from the Biblical allegory. Yet, still, like most good conditioned American born humans raised on the Bible, that allegory still clings to my imagination like a weed. It is powerfully influential like all good programming. And it is not without importance.

If Eve was the one to eat the forbidden apple then it was she who saved humanity from the state of death which we have been conditioned to think of as paradise.

Think about it.

What is paradise to you? What is happiness to you? Just the fact that Eden terminology is so deeply indoctrinated in us as a definition of “paradise” lets us know that it’s not actually our own definition of paradise. What is yours? Not what was given to you, but the actual reality of bliss and happiness for you?

What if the fall from paradise was a birth into knowing that from which we emerged?

What could the allegorical Adam and Eve understand about the nature of “Eden” if they had never experienced its opposite? How do we recognize we’re in darkness if we’ve never seen the light?

People of color navigate through a sea of racism and White oppression and violence on a daily basis, often without even knowing it. We wade in it’s waters and often don’t know that we are soaking wet, that we are drowning because so many of us have been made to believe that this drowning is the definition of life. I have to stay vigilantly aware that the idea of paradise or the American Dream that was given to me by those who wish to destroy me is not a paradise at all, but a construct for my mind.

If nakedness, warmth, lush vegetation and seemingly limitless natural resources was really recognized by White people as paradise then why have they committed genocide upon nearly every indigenous peoples they found in these paradisiacal surroundings as well as mass eco-terrorism throughout the planet replacing the true Eden with stories, words, ideas, currency? Everywhere they went preaching paradise in heaven there has been blood.

So what is paradise really?

I’m still learning…

So now, what-is-paradise really?

That’s one I really have to think about. I’ve never thought about it quite like this before.

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