This Blog Entry is About Drake…

Soooooo…if it hasn’t become obvious as yet, I like Drake.

A lot.

It’s rare that people “call me on my cell phone” and leave a message but when they do they hear my recorded voicemail announcement that I’m away because I’m probably listening to a Drake song. Which is more likely than not to actually be true at least half the time.

I guess I’m more out about my Drake love on other forms of social media than I am here at Urban Eve. I did write a article on Medium where I mentioned that I like his work but the truth is I have been listening to Drake albums for damn near months now. Listening to his collaborations, listening to his stories, listening to the sounds he makes, to his values, his emotions, his rythyms, his hooks, his hang ups, his devotions, his loyalty, his shout outs, his nastiness, his cock-suredness.

I get bored easily, and I’m not sick of Drake yet.

I’ve been steadily enjoying the free three month trial of Apple music so I’ve been on a Drake joy ride for some time. I’m not saying that all I do is listen to Drake but I do buy a new song to add to my Drake playlist like every other week. Because I like the way Drake makes me feel and I know that when I want to feel a certain way, 9 times out of 10, a Drake track is gonna get me there.

There’s not very much I do in order so I can’t say that I’ve started with his first album or mixtape and worked my way forward. I’m very random. I usually just listen to my Drake Pandora station to see what comes up and then follow my instincts. I can say that of all his albums so far, most of the tracks I’ve purchased have come from “If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late.”

The general feeling I like that Drake is unabashedly known for is just a bordlerline a-hole cockiness. Not for nothing, but when Drake says Omigod, Omigod, If I die, I’m a Legend I just think to myself, what’s wrong with saying that?

Only see the truth when I’m staring in the mirror, lookin at myself like there is there…”

I mean I never thought I could ever hear someone say that and not write them off as just plain conceited. Instead, with Drake, I just take the ride.  I enjoy his lyrical dexterity and his masculine bravado and the way he’s always standing for his Woes, his team, his click, buying them malls, getting them in free and getting them “Really big rings,”How he started paying his mom’s rent when he was 17, how he puts up strippers (but they’re virgins to him) when they need a place to crash. Being the “Biggest boss” means taking on a lot of responsibility. It’s also just part of what it means to be a real man

Plus which, I have never seen such broad merchandise potential explode from a freaking rap video the way I have for “Hotline Bling.” Drake gets all in his feelings about a booty call he’s no longer recieving, effortlessly and dorkily hops around in large, multicolored glowing squares and all of a sudden the market produces inspired sweaters, t-shirts, keychains, paintings everywhere! It’s not a question of whether I am actually going to purchase a Hotline Bling Christmas ugly sweater. It’s which color will I get? LOL!

Okay, that’s enough about Drake…

Let’s play some Drake.

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