Urban Eve’s Life Giving List for March 2016

Music: Rihanna’s “Anti” album

Not only have I been listing to Rihanna sing about whiskey making her feel pretty and how Sex with her is so amazing for like three weeks but my husband listens to it as well. In fact last week we were playing Scattegories while listening to it on Apple TV and we had to pause before “Desperado” started because we wanted to sing along after we got down our list of words. LOL! Some songs sound like country, others like pop, and some are a mix classic 50s ballad music mixed with just drunkin fabulous mess. Who else does this?

Beauty: Dior Nail Polish in Pandore

My friend and co-worker are up in Sephora literally like every week polishing our nails. It is our therapy in and in many ways it keeps us sane and color trendy at the same time. I was changing my color every week until I found this one color I can’t not stop using. i haven’t changed my color in a few weeks now. I didn’t even want to add glitter to it and I want to add glitter to everything! LOL!

Pandore is this flaming hot vibrant color that is equal parts playful and sexy. I would describe the shade as closest to the color of poppies. Incidentally Rihanna is wearing the color on her nails on the image above but it shows up much brighter and bolder in morre direct light. I may have to buy it but with nail color as with movies I always face the same problem, that once I own it, I may never use or view it again.

Movies: Finding Vivian Maier 


I have a fascination with disturbed artists (which ones are not? Haha!) and as a photographer I’d been wanting to see Finding Vivian Maier since it was released years ago but never was able to catch it. By chance I found it on Netflix about week ago. This European born woman who was a nanny for several New York families took thousands upon thousands of photos which she never printed or developed or intended to share. And her eye was amazing. I remember looking at her work which consisted primarily of candid street photography when it was first discovered and thinking there was no way she didn’t want someone to see these. But she didn’t. She was brilliant artistically. And she was very troubled. In high school, these were some of my favorite kinds of people. Now that I’m an adult I just learn what I can by observing from afar.


As you know by now, I enjoy food I love with my entire body. My emotional attachment to food is very real. Last week my Sephora sis took me to a Japanese place in our midtown work area called Kobeyaki. She ordered a dish that I can’t remember and some cinnamon buns with Black Sesame dipping sauce. Black sesame flavor is one my favorite things ever. Before these damn cinnamon rolls, the Black Sesame Frappuchino at Zaiya Cafe was my instant happy maker for a couple of summers. But these cinnamon rolls are warm, and covered in sugar and the sweet Black Sesame sauce is cool and oooooooooohhhhhhh they’re soooooooo good together. I just close my eyes and let it all wash over me and through me and….They kind of remind me of Churros when you dip them in melted chocolate the way they’re supposed to be eaten. Awww man! Now I’m thinking about getting some after work and that is so unnecessary.











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