Goddess Trunk

Goddess Trunk

GT Accessories

In the vein of services like Trunk Club and Stitch Fix I would love for someone to get on creating a monthly clothing and accessories service that is more culturally Black centric for the Black female professional and or office worker.  For example, my monthly selection would look something like this. I only wear pants to work like once a week if at all, so most of the time, I would just love fabulous feminine dresses in bold colors or prints for the Summer and some uniquely designed  separates that I can wear all year round. I want to be able to pick from a selection of clothes and accessories that looks something like what I’ve put together here on this page; clothes that would compliment my shape, accommodate my bust size and curves, remind me of my proud history and ancestry and make me feel amazing all at the time. Yeah, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.



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