Social Media Cleanse

It’s been an emotionally exhausting Summer so far.

I’m having trouble staying awake at my desk and that’s a bad sign. My mom has been visiting with us for the month of July which means I’m up late a lot hanging with her which had been great but then I’m up very early because the cat has been sleeping in the bedroom with my husband and I and he gets up at 5am on the dot like clockwork.


We’ve all gotten really close.


I will be off on my second vacation of the Summer next week and I’m really thinking seriously about staying off the internet or any social media for that entire week. Because quite honestly, outside of my daily morning ritual, the only thing I do consistently without fail each day is log on to the various popular social media platforms. And sometimes I don’t even know why. And that worries me. I’ve become very preoccupied with certain prolific youtube vloggers, I’m constantly on Snapchat, facebook and instagram and I noticed last night that when mom had to call my great Aunt who lives in London on my cellphone, (We don’t have a landline) I literally felt lost without it.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands!!!! My thumbs were having an anxiety attack.

So next week, while I’m on vacation I’m shutting all my social media interaction down. It’s not going to be easy but I have to. I’m not saying all social media is bad but many people I know have hit a wall with it and now that time has come for me.

I used to play board games, develop film, write stories with a pen and paper, listen to music like just listen to music and nothing else. I used to read books! I can’t remember the last book I read! Oh man that Snapchat is addictive. LOL!! I have a feeling that a lot of it has to do with remaining in a place, at a job that I’ve outgrown and not knowing what my next steps should be. And then instead of trying to figure that out, I log on to hulu and watch “Clear and Present Danger.” That movie is sooooo good!

But I digress.

I want to produce more than I consume or at least as much as I consume. I wonder if that’s even possible. I’ll be exploring that during my Social Media fast.

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