Dance is life

One of the many initial ways I discovered my love for my husband was through dancing with him. We first danced together at a spot he used to frequent with his HS friends on the upper west side. I was completely swept away. It is a moment I recall as if no time has passed and whenever we dance together, I feel it again as if nothing has changed. I close my eyes and feel as if I’m soaring. I feel all his love and happiness surging through me, and nothing else matters. Dancing with a partner is a unifying kind of intimacy that incorporates innate rhythm in a way I’ve always loved. We move together, follow one another, improvise, change with the timing, guide one another, free one another, hold on to one another and create energy that can only be produced as a result of this one of a kind collaboration.

I felt exactly the same dancing with my love last night in the Bronx, at Mamajuanas, a place my brother and his wife took us to for some dancing and much needed turn up time. I usually have to drag him to go out to social events but he can’t resist an invitation from my brother so I knew we were going. It was a night that began with all kinds of sketchy, and dramatic events  and we didn’t even end up to spot we had initially planned on, but we pushed through it and found our way to a space with great vibes and great music, run by and dominated with sexy, soul filled people of the Diaspora who just wanted to have a good time.

I haven’t been out dancing in some time and I didn’t get out of bed until around 3pm on Sunday. LOL! But As I write this, my body feels no pain whatsoever. I’m quite happy, feeling quite blessed and ready for the work week ahead.

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