My Period Cup Has Made Menstruating Exciting Again?

Since the Diva Cup hit the scene only a few years ago, there have been so many periods cups from different brands that there is literally a 23 Best Period Cups list. I read it up like a nerd and used it to narrow down the ones that captured my interest and then finally and decisively select the Honey Pot Period Cup. Honey Pot is Black owned, their p-cup has very good reviews and I was impressed with the way their herbal treated cotton pads soothed me during my cycle a few months back.

So boom.

Cut to last night; second day of my menstrual cycle. I get my Honey Pot p-cup in the mail and remove it with a sense of awe and curiosity. I read the instructions on how to sanitize it and I do that. And then I do the folding technique that I learned about watching a YT video the day before. Visual aids are my jam. They’re informative and motivating. So when I lay down on my back in the bed and get down to business, I’m not feeling totally lost.

It was kinda bumpy at first but then things started to get moving. I have felt my own cervix before which helped as I was moving the cup around with my fingers trying not to let go of the fold on the silicone cup until it was impossible not to. When I did, the cup made immediate suction contact. I pushed around a little more with my fingers and shoved around gently to make sure it was secure. I pulled at the stem a bit like the lady in the YT video suggested. If you tug and there’s no give, the suction is good. If it slides around, it’s not securely covering the cervix.

Mine was good. My cervix wasn’t hard to find. I stood up carefully and just let myself feel what that was like. Something is there but it’s really comfortable and easy to forget about.

I’m so amazed. I’m in my 40s and just turned another year older this May and I’m still learning about my body and what it can do. As many models and illustrations of the female reproductive organs I’ve seen, nothing compares to feeling around my own cervix. It’s a trip.

I was so fascinated and excited I had to text my girlfriend about it. LOL!! Fortunately she’s been a p-cup pro a while now and it felt so good to talk with her about it, to talk about it normatively. I mean eventually I won’t have to worry about my period at all but I’m so glad that time hasn’t come yet and I that didn’t miss out on this experience. Because for now, I’m a proud new member of the p-cup club. WOOOT!

Let me hold off on my enthusiasm until I get the cup out though.

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