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You say Goodbye and I say Hello: Prince

I’m into my 5th soul now. That makes me three hundred and twenty.


Love Symbol Album

Even my therapist told me on Saturday morning that she had a special relationship with Prince even if he didn’t know about it.


I laughed and shook my head. “Yes, I think I understand what you mean.” I absolutely understand. Prince was by no means the focal part of my session this weekend but his passing has made me realize several things, the most important being that: I want to be happy. I don’t want to stay too sad about anything for longer than is necessary.

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Gemini’s are whoever you catch them being at the time

“I am two people, one you know but don’t like,

the other one you don’t know,

but you don’t want to.

I have two faces,

One of which you know,

the other one

for your sake

I never will show.”

Morrissey (Gemini)


The two men in the image above are both Geminis. In the televised money drive for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Mike Myers stuck to the script. Kanye did not. Based on Kanye’s live and unexpected revelation that Bush did not care about Black people, many of us thought that Kanye would continue to champion the rights of under served Blacks, poor, underprivileged, and otherwise but alas now we can only speculate that perhaps even then he was only trying to get the infamous attention that he is now known for, for shooting his mouth off about bullshit, reacting and self hating and egging on petty squabbles in the media.

Lauryn Hill, another Gemini artist who spoke to our hearts about self love, relationships, and heartache in “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” probably one of the greatest albums of a generation if not all time in my opinion was rumored to have had a nervous breakdown soon after the massive success of the album. I had sympathy. We all go through these things. I was like take all the time you need sis. She came out with some sad depressing tracks where she cried. Okay, sometimes you need to work out that depression through your art. Time went by. A spattering of clever of slightly disjointed tracks addressing injustice and “Consummerism” were released. Live shows were announced and for each one there have been reports of Lauryn showing up late if at all, playing weak, heartless sets and just generally never seeming to have her heart in the music at all. I held on as long as I could. I love some Lauryn Hill like you don’t even know but after awhile of hearing all this news about her just not showing and being rude to her fans when she did… I figure she’s not the same Lauryn Hill we used to know.

For better or worse, Geminis do that often when you think you know them best.

Prince, as talented, unique, prolific, and dynamic as he is, used to be a totally paranoid, narcissistic, controlling, cruel, asshole. Again, I have loved Prince forever, so I’ve done my research. Remember when no one could get to interview him ever? Remember when he would get upset if anyone made eye contact with him?

LMAO!!! That was my favorite.

And then Rolling Stone got the first interview and afterwards others followed and he let down his guard more and started to reveal some discoveries he was making about the nature of reality, namely that fame was an illusion. And we started to see a different Prince both in his music and in his life choices.

Then there’s Donald Drumpf or as you know him Donald Trump, another Gemini who is literally the personification of a yo-yo. He will say whatever he needs to at the moment to serve his needs not matter if he said the exact opposite on the record with equal conviction a few years ago. Sadly, I am familiar with his stereo typically Gemini display of two-facedness.

Then there is Kendrick Lamarr, a Gemini I have never seen before who I am watching closely and trying to not raise on any pedestals. He just busted out and created an album unlike any rap album I have ever heard before and his performance at this years Grammy’s was like an electrifying excerpt from a full length revolutionary stage play/musical. Like a Gemini comfortable in their skin, he wears his multiple caps proudly and displays his talent and dedication to the cause with unapologetic fearlessness and passion.

At our worst, Geminis are self serving, isolated, tyrannical, gossip mongers, who say one thing and do another, trust no one, and our only out for ourselves.

At our best, we are generous, understanding, creative, highly communicative, friendly, supportive, imaginative, adventurous, and self inventive.

We are two people, and when fully conscious we are on a journey to strike the perfect balance with one another so that we can serve our relationship with the world outside of our heads to the best of our ability. Sometimes we fail miserably to live up to the expectations people have of us based on who they thought we were. But Geminis are never just one type of person. You can know them forever and never get to see every face because sometimes even they are aware of how many facets they possess.

I can’t say that I will ever like a Gemini like Donald Trump but I do think I understand his behavior and the behavior of a lot of troubled Geminis more than I am proud to admit. While  I don’t think one should ever lose sight of anyone’s ability to evolve, I also respect the right of anyone dealing with a negative Gemini to just be like, okay I can’t roll with ya’ll two anymore. That’s enough. Lord knows I’ve had to do the same with Gems I’ve known more than once. But one thing a Gemini can always do is surprise you. Whether or not that element of surprise is enough to turn the tide is sometimes also a mystery.



My Prince…

Prince SNL
Prince on SNL 11/1/14

My mom was the huge Prince fan in my family. I remember when I was a girl and she went to see Purple Rain when it first came out. It was one of the few movies I remember her seeing that I wasn’t allowed to see because I was under age.  When I was an adolescent I was kind of a prude about sex in music and I looked down my nose at music like “Like a Virgin” by Madonna, “Let’s Get Ill” by LL Cool J and “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael. They all made me uncomfortable.But the first time I saw Prince perform I was blown away and continue to have that experience watching him to this day.

I was watching “Solid Gold” the way I did every weekend when Prince was introduced. It was May of 1983. There was darkness and when the lights came on there was Prince. What was Prince? He started into one his biggest hits ever, “Little Red Corvette,” quiet and still and then he broke out into yelping and dancing and splits and tricks with the mic stand I had never seen before. He ended as quiet and still as he began and the lights came down and it was dark again before the audience burst into applause. And I just sat there in awe.  What was that hairstyle? Was he Puerto Rican? What was he? What was that? His mystique drew me in and has never stopped since.

The first time my mother took my brother and I to Trinidad in the 80s, I remember listening to her “Purple Rain” soundtrack on cassette over and over again to fight off my homesickness. I still hadn’t even seen the film at that point and I was already so attached to every track on that album, it was pretty ridiculous. “Darling Nikki” was a foray into a sexuality I did not find uncomfortable at all. Go figure. I mean there she was masturbating in a hotel lobby with a magazine. How that went down easier than “Like a Virgin touched for the very first time,” I cannot tell you. LOL! Needless to say I became a huge fan of Madonna, George Michael and LL Cool J as I got older but none of them have been able to outlast Prince’s place in my heart. It’s hard for me to be objective about Prince. My BFF and I share a very similarly diehard love for him that I believe has also informed the bonds of our long friendship. There are also certain Prince albums that hold within them seminal moments of my coming of age so much so that at one time, just listening to tracks from the Symbol album or the soundtrack to “Under the Cherry Moon” could trigger memories that were transcendent, sweet, painful and melancholy all at once.

I saw Prince perform for the first time ever a few years ago with my best friend in 2011. It was like a great big love reunion with someone you’ve never met before but have loved for so long. It was amaze-balls. You could feel in the energy all around that many of the serious day one fans were there. We would have stayed with him until daybreak.That night I bought tickets to see him again at MSG with my husband! I am not a big concert goer at all but I swear I lost my mind after seeing him for the first time that night. I had to see him again.

His performance on SNL this past Saturday brought part of that feeling back but with something new. Prince gets older as all of us do but his spirit, his dedication to his craft and the evolution of his talent is beyond my words to describe because I can’t be objective when it comes to Prince. How is it possible for someone to be around that long and still manage to have tricks up his sleeve no one has seen before? I’m not saying that I’ve loved everything Prince has ever done. And I’m aware he was a Grade A asshole during some of the most formidable times of his early rise to fame.  But I’ve never been bored by him. I’m always curious to see what he will do next. I love the way he seamlessly blends, interprets and incorporates a love of spirituality and sex in his music. I love his personal style and his love of play. He’s also one of the most disciplined Gemini I know and I still hope to be like him when I grow up. LOL!