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For the passed week or so, my husband and I, who are technically still “Newlyweds”, have been moving from our present apartment in Harlem, to one in Fort Washington. This is the first apartment we have ever moved into together. The apartment we’re in now is under my name. My husband moved in with me a few months after I populated it with myself and all my stuff.

It’s been a bit crazy. Most of our stuff is over there. We have new furniture coming on Christmas Eve and I’ve been living out of bags since the weekend. Since the Millions March demonstration, I’ve just had all my essentials in a book bag instead of my usual shoulder bag. It’s just more practical for me right now. In it I have my Nikon DSLR, my journal, my make-up, a book of poems by Sonia Sanchez (Morning Haiku), which my husband brought from the library in the high school where he teaches, sunglasses, cell phone charger and water. And of course, I also still have my laptop here at the old apartment.

I was at the new place earlier today dusting and cleaning with a Swiffer, hanging shower curtains and taking pictures and making plans. But when I first came in I just sat on the hardwood floor in the bedroom and ate some late lunch I bought from the Starbucks on the corner, listened to some music on my iPhone and watched the light from the windows change. It’s something I really enjoy doing, watching the light change in a room. It’s really extraordinary, natural light. It changes slowly and yet with such deceptive speed, so profoundly and so distinctively. I guess that was my Winter Solstice moment. It’s important to practice stillness during the period of the Winter Solstice when it is said that to go within is to begin planting the seeds of all that you wish to manifest in the coming year.

Man, I cannot wait to be fully moved in. It’s one of the best Christmas gifts I can imagine. But before that happens we still have a few more things to box up and throw away. I really like throwing stuff away. I really want to practice having less stuff in the New Year and that is the closest I will come to making a resolution because I don’t do New Years resolutions any longer.

I hope that you all, my readers, my friends, my followers are gearing up for a warm and wonderful Holiday and New Year with family and friends, a year of awareness, action evolution, of joy and true connections.