Treat Yo’ Self “Soul Sistah Series” Style! (Plus a little naked house talk)


“Your Yoni & You” was my third time in life at a Korean Day Spa. My first time was at Spa Castle in Queens which I’d known about for years and went to for the first time with Soulsistah4real. I remember a co-worker told me about the place years ago and I just didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe anything she was telling me about some amazing place where adults would go prance around naked, luxuriate in pools, saunas, nap rooms with heated floors, get massages and eat in the food court.

What? Okay, yeah I was like that sounds like a magical wonderland and I just don’t understand.

It exists.

And this past Sunday I was able to experience this again at a Mid-Manhattan spa with a  group of Soul Sistahs for our second in a series of bi-monthly events. If, as a woman of color, you have never experienced the liberated and resplendent feeling of rising naked out of a warm pool after sitting in a steam or dry sauna for twenty minutes, you must. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been fairly comfortable with being naked but that’s because it was never frowned upon in my household to be naked when I was a girl. It doesn’t mean I’m not shy or self conscious. I just don’t feel shy to be naked in spaces where it’s acceptable.

It’s funny, I never even think about or recall anything specific about the bodies of other women at a Korean Day Spa. I’m too preoccupied with feeling how everything feels on my own skin. If anything, I remember conversations I have with women as we indulge in relaxation, and I remember energy. Plus everyone has a towel and robe to put on and or take off before you enter any of the various pools and saunas or massage rooms so you can cover yourself however and whenever based on your comfort level.

I know one thing. Before this year is over I am getting at least one massage from this place because Soulsistah4real literally got her life after the one hour massage during our event. Sadly, I have only had one professional full body massage in my entire life, also as a result of a girls day out (for the first Sex & The City Movie) planned by Soulsistah4real. She really has been about pursuing pleasure for a while now! I’ve had some great massages from men in my life and my husband and I frequently one another massages, but I know I need to start creating the kind of life where I can get a professional massage at least two to three times a month as well as get in some relaxing Korean Day Spa time. Oh, it’s so nice to treat yourself the Soul Sistah Series way!

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