Bey Goes Vegan!

So I read a little something  online today about how some fans were annoyed that Beyonce’s big announcement on GMA recently was about the choice to change to a vegan diet rather than dropping another album and all I have to say is:


I was raised vegan so I know first had what the benefits of a plant based diet is. For years I was raised eating nothing specially prepared dishes made with raw fruits, and vegetables, grains, nuts, no sugar, salt dairy or meat. I didn’t know what it was to eat any other way. I didn’t taste my first piece of white bread until i was like 11. The first time I tasted cooked string beans I felt like I had just ingested a drug. I’m not lying. I’ve been strung out in one way or another on salt, dairy and sugar ever since I emerged from being home schooled to being enrolled at the public charter high school from which I graduated.

Strung out.

Because I looooooove food and i always have. I suspect I always will. And I also love Beyonce’s last album. And i know I always will!

But when Beyonce made the announcement that she was converting to veganism on GMA Monday morning, regardless of what anyone thinks, she was imparting a gift that keeps on giving back, and one that I feel personally inspired by. I know how hard it was for my parents who both used to eat meat before my brother I were born to convert just to being vegetarians, let alone veganism which is a term that did not even exist when they started doing it. I know that it can’t have been easy for Beyonce either. Heck, I know it’s not always easy for any of the women I know to maintain a healthy lifestyle but ummm, I know what veganism can do. And it’s worth it.

So thank you Beyonce! Thank you for promoting something beautiful that we can all do for our insides. As a woman of color, loving ourselves from within is so key. And I can see the love Beyonce puts inside of herself beaming and glowing around her whenever and wherever she appears. I feel like she’s just saying, you can be flawless too!

And we are!

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