Not My President



Every time I hear a news reporter say President, I still think Barack Obama. I can’t help it. Drumpf is not a President. He is a tyrant. I would say he was like a cartoon tyrant except that the damage he has caused the country in just a few short days of taking of office has been anything but cartoonish. He has climbed right out of the fears and fantasies of racist White men and women across the nation and made manifest all the stupidity, ignorance, thuggishness, brutality and immaturity of the worst grade school bully.

He is the worst of America embodied, and he is also the truth about the roots on which America was built. He makes me sick. And anyone who supports him is not anyone I wish to engage or reason with, particularly those who though it was remotely possible that he would do anything less than wage a war of hatred, violence and divisiveness.A vote for Trump was a vote inspired by fear, hatred, and ignorance. Fact.

After his latest firing of the Attorney General for not supporting his immigrant ban, I’m more convinced than ever Drumpf doesn’t give a shit about the Constitution. And since I doubt he knows how to write anything but reactionary tweets, I would say, that he’s taking notes on recreating his own version of America from “Birth of a Nation” DW Griffith style.

Now is the time for unity, creative resourcefulness and a vigilance to inform and stay informed. Last night I watched a clip of Spicer reasoning pathetically in front of the press that the immigrants who were detained, were held to protect millions of Americans and then went on to mention the Holocaust in what context I still am not certain because no network I’ve seen has played the full clip again. It’s like he gets out there in front of the press with no plan whatsoever, red faced and trembling and with no ethics or morals to speak of.


Tomorrow is the first day of Black History Month and personally I can think of no better time to celebrate and acknowledge a people (though I do this all year) whose history in America has been in many ways defined by resistance to the tyranny and injustice of an America that we have never really been able to claim as ours, no matter how much, how steadily and how proudly we have tried and despite the fact that our ancestors built it. Oh what a troubled thing is America. People of the Diaspora who were born to it, those who have immigrated here to make a better life for themselves and their families, those  who risk their lives to come here, fleeing persecution and so much more can never really escape it. We can only face the truth. And that one thing, for better or worse, is what dictator Drumpf is winning at.

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