A Return to Oils

There have been a lot more oils in my skin, hair and general daily routine lately. I’ve been researching essential oils and their different benefits because I have specific hair and skin goals. But they also help to improve my life in other therapeutic ways.

Sesame seed oil for my skin after I shower

Pumpkin seed oil for my scalp

Peppermint oil, which I add to a spritz to moisturize my hair

Coconut oil, which I use to remove my make-up every night as well as in my hair spritz

Rosehips oil, which I massage into my face lightly after applying Vitamin C serum

Castor oil, which I also use in my hair spritz and sometimes apply directly to my edges at night.

Vanilla bean perfume oil by Kuumba made because I just love smelling yummy and warm and sweet. I’m very sensitive to aromatherapy and oils work on my mentally in a different way than alcohol based perfumes.

A lot of this is trial and error. I’m experimenting to see what works based on my needs. The Rosehips oil over serum at night and in the morning after a shower has done wonders for my face. My skin is soft and supple and my occasional breakouts have been non-existent in the past few weeks. My face gets really dry in the winter and lotion does not work for me. And I was afraid oil might sit on my face and create the opposite problem. But the serum absorbs the oil right into my face, leaving no oiliness or greasiness behind.

Rose Hips

I’ve also been avoiding most fried, and processed foods and reintroducing seeds and raw butters like pumpkin and almonds when I feel like have to snack between meals. A handful of pumpkin seeds at work usually do the trick when my brain starts to fantasize about DD hash browns. And at home, apple slices and almond butter satiate my cravings at night

The jury is still out on how these oils are working on my scalp. My hair often takes a little time to grow when it’s this short and not in any particular style. I have to stay consistent with my routine before I can report any progress. My scalp is incredibly dry and I doubt wearing wigs has helped at all but I make sure to moisturize it thoroughly with a leave in conditioner every morning before covering it up. I also realize I’m way overdue for a trim which is really important for stimulating follicles for growth.

The Vanilla Bean oil is wonderful. It comes in a roll on and I don’t need very much of it. Every time I smell it I’m filled with a warm, cozy, homey feeling which is great in this frigid season. It also just lifts my spirits in these incredibly trying times and makes me feel embraced by goodness when I’m out in public in the general chaos of a daily commute.

Lastly, I purchased a small oil diffuser several weeks ago, which I keep on the nightstand by my bed. It’s quiet, has several settings and also had a color changing option, which created different color therapeutic moods and also acts as a night-light. So far I only have lavender and orange oils. I love them both. It’s very relaxing to switch it on when I come home after work as a way to unwind. I keep it on a 30 second interval setting just before I turn in.

Also, on a slightly random yet related note, I was experiencing a horrible sort of dry scaliness in the corners of my mouth about a week ago. I did some online research and saw that several people suffering from the same season dryness found quick relief after dabbing Listerine of all things to the site with a cotton ball. I figured, what the hell. I tried it. And the results were immediate. The dryness and scaliness were gone within days. Apparently Listerine  has anti fungal oils in it such as Tyhyme, Wintergreen and Eucalyptus Who knew? Now I know what to  go for in the oil section to create my own anti fungal mix if this dryness erupts again.

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