Play Grown Black Girl! Play!

I’ve been into adult play for as long I’ve officially been an adult.

No wait! Not “50 Shades of Grey” play! Actual play! Like with toys.

Not those kinds of toys!

Likes dolls and vinyl figures and things…

Have I lost all credibility here?

Ok. My point is, I am a fully grown Black woman with a healthy sense of play who loves colorful, glittery, cutesy, useless shit. And I’ve recently found one other in a small handful of Black women I know who probably understands me, though I haven’t met her yet. LOL!!

The beginning of this insane year found me spending way more time watching youtube than actual TV for several key reasons.

  1. Mental health/The White People’s President inches us closer to Armageddon everyday
  2. Health and Beauty tutorials
  3. I can customize my youtube feed so that it’s nothing but a world of Black people

Through my wig obsession, which is currently winding down, I discovered videos from so many wonderfully talented, stylish and creative Black woman, many of whom I follow, but one in particular who I know gets a pretty quirky side of me. Inn her latest video she totally validates my right to self care through playing with and enjoying stupid toys.

She’s Black.

She’s grown.

She has kids. (Adorable ones!)

She likes toys.

In addition to her awesome wig reviews, skinnygirlfathair aka Aisha does reviews on all manner of Grown Black Girl nerdiness. And I just appreciate her for being brave and experimental and sharing things that not many of us might choose to share, all the while framing it within Black Girl Magicalness and self care. Because lord knows part of my self care routine has very often included, strolling to the Japanese bookstore during lunch, buying a Unicorno blindbox and unwrapping it at my desk just to be like, what could this be? WEEE!!! Hey, look at that! Let me introduce you to some friends! LOL!

We got all kinds of Grown Black Girl joy and whimsy going down on the internets! If you’re a Grown Black Girl who loves to play with dollies and sparklies and tiny plastic creatures in your spare time, I applaud you! Go forth and play!



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