My Top 5 Favorite Black Beauty Vloggers

I’ve always loved make-up but really only dabbled in the basics, like lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, the occasional shadow and some powder. But a few months ago, after I had seen the umpteenth chick with dark spots and large pores and hyper pigmentation completely transform herself on camera, I became obsessed with using make-up to achieve a smooth and pore-less look because I have always admired smooth, pore-less looking skin. I say look because that is exactly what well done make-up magic achieves. A look. Getting clean enough on the inside so that you never really need make-up is a different story. And gauging whether or not one actually “needs” it or not is another.

I dived into watching Youtube tutorials which has taken me into a whole other world of reviews on best primers, foundations and color correcting palettes for Black women with a range of skin tones. My morning make-up ritual now takes a little longer but thanks to Youtube I have successfully figured out the right look for me and the products and tools that work best for my complexion within my budget.

Over time, I have watched probably hundreds of videos by countless Black beauty vloggers and love many of them for different reasons. Below, in no particular order, I have listed my top five.

Kelsee Brian Jai

I loooove how she does eye shadow! She makes it looks so easy but in real life, it takes time, patience and a real passion to create these spectacular, expertly blended eye looks.

Ambra Emerald Eyes

Ambra is one of a few Beauty Vloggers I’ve run into with short cropped hair and her face shape is just so adorable. I love her product reviews on best or personal fave foundations for woc.

Nappy Headed Jojoba

I don’t know if she would call herself a beauty Vlogger persay but Nappyheadedjojoba just kind of reviews whatever she likes and gives you the real deal on how it works for her. I stumbled on her account during my wig craze.

C Key

I love CKey’s grown woman energy. She is not only truly make-up obsessed but she also tries to emphasize how important the role inner confidence plays in inner beauty.  I actually caught her on IG live last night and her warm, vivacious and engaging energy comes through the same way it does in her videos. You feel just like you’re chatting with a girlfriend you’ve known for years. Her videos that feature her daughter (her mini me) are a lot of fun.

Cydney Black

Cydney is just a morsel of a girl with two different color eyes, whose brand is very cute and funny and light. Her make-up tutorials with her mom really make me happy. They both work in make-up and are so pleasurable to watch together.

*  * * * * *

I guess my make up and skin care rituals are easier for me to keep up with than others because the pay off for me has been so immediate. Since beginning my nighttime skin routine I haven’t had major break outs in months and my skin is always smooth and moisturized. And thanks to a solid make-up routine, I get to look as flawless as I want on the daily depending on the time and skill I put in in the mornings.

I don’t know about you, but I think that often when we begin a self care ritual and don’t see results, whatever our goals are, we get gripped by fear that it may never work and give up too soon before we invest anymore time. I struggle with that a lot. So what I’m trying to do with those practices that require more patience, like healthy eating and exercise is to look at them like seeds. While I may not see anything peaking out from the earth yet, I have faith that underground, something is happening. Intention is as powerful as execution but the fact is, both have to work hand in hand to achieve results.

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