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A Return to Oils

There have been a lot more oils in my skin, hair and general daily routine lately. I’ve been researching essential oils and their different benefits because I have specific hair and skin goals. But they also help to improve my life in other therapeutic ways.

Sesame seed oil for my skin after I shower

Pumpkin seed oil for my scalp

Peppermint oil, which I add to a spritz to moisturize my hair

Coconut oil, which I use to remove my make-up every night as well as in my hair spritz

Rosehips oil, which I massage into my face lightly after applying Vitamin C serum

Castor oil, which I also use in my hair spritz and sometimes apply directly to my edges at night.

Vanilla bean perfume oil by Kuumba made because I just love smelling yummy and warm and sweet. I’m very sensitive to aromatherapy and oils work on my mentally in a different way than alcohol based perfumes.

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