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I said the word vagina to an audience last night


Well it was a poetry audience at Lenox Coffee in Harlem but I was not reading poetry. I was promoting Soul Sistah Series’ latest event “Your Yoni  You” which is happening this Sunday, May 31st at 9:30am. It is an event that centers around women of the Diaspora reconnecting to our sacred feminine through our sensuality. Because the major feature of this event is the ancient practice of vaginal steaming, I just figured I’d cut straight to the chase and mention the word vagina to a coffeehouse full of people by way of explanation.

Then I read a poem. LOL!!

I wasn’t nervous or anxious or self conscious about it, which is weird for me but recently in situations where I would normally feel anxiety and tightness and don’t, I just kinda roll with that. I don’t want to function with heart palpitations and knots in my stomach every time I come up against something that makes me nervous. But the not wanting to doesn’t always result in not feeling it.

But I wasn’t feeling it last night, not about anything I made announcements about. Maybe its the turning 40 thing. I turned 40 on Memorial Day and mentioned that to the audience last night as well.

Maybe it’s some Mercury Retrograde glitch where normally fluid communication comes to a halt but you have no problem saying vagina to an attentive and unsuspecting crowd? LOL!

I don’t know. It’s probably best not to question it and chalk it up to what I’ve been putting out in the universe with regard to challenging my fears and self consciousness. That’s all I can make of it at this point.

Oh the sun feels so good on my neck right now. I’m sitting in Bryant Park eating chips and guacamole, feeling the breeze and looking forward to the exciting weekend ahead. 

Happy Friday!

Everything’s Coming up Yonis!


While creating some flyers for Soul Sistah Series next upcoming event, my sister friend and co-worker came up behind me and made one of those sounds we make when we see something that makes us go Ooooo!! Like when you see someone naked unexpectedly. The words “Yoni and You” caught her eye and while she initially responded coyly the way most women are conditioned to respond when we see words describing intimate body parts, but she was also intrigued. She is someone who is open to the concept of learning and dialoguing about issues which affecting our bodies in ways that unify rather than divide us.

When soulsistah4real first told me about “Vagisteaming” for the first time last year, I was more than skeptical myself. Since then, Vagisteaming has been on the rise in trending discussions about female health. My sister friend told me that she heard about it from a certain female celebrity whose name I’m sure we can guess and whom I will not pay more lip service to here.  I told C. that this was not a new practice but an old one that women have done since ancient times to condition and heal themselves as well as enhance their sexual pleasure.  She happens to be on the Soul Sistah Series email list so I told her to check her email for our latest newsletter which talks about our first event, “Manicures & Mimosas” as well as explaining the history and the benefits of vagisteaming.

More ohhs and ahhhs came from my friend, but this time they came from joy, interest and excitement!


I’m not perfect. I’m always surprised by how unconnected I am to my own body and spirit, even when I think I am. But I never question the moments when I do find myself fully present in my body, trusting the divine energy that connects directly to my heart. And I know that as women of color, there is no better time than right now to start having more open and transparent conversations with each one another which will hopefully lead to an understanding that the bodies’ connection to pleasure is also a connection to health and well being. Reclaiming the bliss that comes with embracing contentedness to the five senses is part of the essence of life.